agile sprint retrospective good bad ugly

The Agile Retrospective “Good Bad Ugly” incl. direct access

Are searching for “agile retrospective good bad ugly”? Well, you can have it. It is actually pretty simple and based on the movie “The good, the Bad and the Ugly” from 1966, starring Clint Eastwood.

Agile Retrospective Good Bad Ugly

What to consider before doing this retrospective

I always emphasize that within any retrospective, might it be the “Agile Retrospective Good Bad Ugly” or any other, not only be sure to follow the 5 phases of a retrospective. But also take into account the Double diamond model, which suggests to have even more than only the 5 phases.

Simply said, the model recommends to spend as much time on developing good action items as you are spending on the data gathering part. Because the quality of the action items is the precondition for there success - and thus, the continuous improvement of your team.

agile sprint retrospective good bad ugly


Agile Sprint Retrospective: Good, Bad, Ugly

But now let’s get into the retrospective format based on the “Good Bad Ugly” movie.

The Agile Retrospective Good Bad Ugly

The process of the “Agile Retrospective Good Bad Ugly” is straightforward. Based on the three words, you are asking three questions or giving three area’s where team members can give feedback on.

Obviously, feel free to draw a graph or draw these areas on an actual or digital whiteboard so that team members can draw on these. These are the three retrospective questions:

  • The Good - looking at the last sprint or weeks, what went well, where did you have fun?
  • The Bad - looking at the last Scrum sprint, what went not so well, maybe even bad? What was not so much fun?
  • The Ugly - What was ugly that we might try to move into the “beautiful” zone? Where are we able to get a turnaround?

By the way, you can do this retrospective online using our retrospective tool Echometer now (no registration necessary):

Conclusion - Agile retrospective Good Bad Ugly

Here you go! Yes, we can keep it pretty simple 🙂 However, before deciding on agile retrospective ‘good bad ugly’, I would recommend to also have a look at other approaches.

Specifically, you might want to have a look at our list of 32 retrospective ideas for beginners and pros - have fun!

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