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netgo case study: Keeping an eye on cultural change despite rapid growth with Echometer

As a leading IT service provider, the netgo group uses Echometer to anchor corporate values as a success factor for post-merger processes and to promote team and leadership development across the company.

Case Study: Agile Transformation in Corporate

This is how Miele Uses Scrum and agile working methods in the smart home area and uses Echometer to make cultural change measurable and thus controllable.

Interview: Successful remote work with Echometer

Also C&A, uses Echometer and can benefit fully from it, especially by switching to home work.

Case Study: Echometer across the company

Learn how Shopware AG drives team development across the company with Echometer.

Interview: Promote healthy debate with Echometer

Echometer has been with the Mobiliar in action. You can find out here how our retrospective tool made team successes measurable.

Case Study: Echometer at Diamant Software

Diamant Software uses Echometer to make changes transparent over time and to derive effective measures together with the teams.

Interview: Support agile teamwork with Echometer

Echometer supported Bytabo for some time in team development. Find out how our software tool can also help your teams.

Case Study: Varied retrospectives with Echometer

The Bison Switzerland AG introduced Scrum in 2011. Find out how Echometer can support you in retrospectives.


Interview: Working remotely? Not a problem with Echometer

Learn how Echometer supports team development where 100% of staff work remotely at Frontastic GmbH.

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