The magic of Echometer 🪄

Develop self-organized teams with health checks & retrospectives.

Tracking & Action items

With Echometer, all action items from retrospectives are centrally collected and their success is made measurable.

An integrated loop 🔄

Results of the Health Check are regularly discussed in retrospectives. This motivates the team to both generate - and even implement the right action items.

How it works

👉 Our recommendation: Watch our 1 minute introduction to get an overview and then click through the app yourself!

What you can achieve with Echometer

Agile team and organizational development - simple and measurable thanks to Echometer

Enjoy watching your team solve their problems independently

Stimulate your team’s self reflection through our psychology-based retrospective and team health check templates.

Easy & goal-oriented retro preparation

Get automated retro format & team health recommendations according to your specific team goal and maturity level.

Delight your boss with success metrics for your coaching impact

Use our science-based team health library to choose how you want to measure your team development and Scrum Master performance and receive lucid KPIs.

Health check radar in Echometer

No more "Copy & Paste" and Context Switches

Save time and focus your team leaving "context switching" behind by having all of your coaching tools connected in one place.

Enrich your Scrum of Scrums ceremony with data-driven decisions

Set up your individual health check across teams or tribes and visualize how the teams’ agile maturity develops over time.


Echometer is currently available in English and German.

No. Echometer is a browser-based tool. All you need is a PC, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection. You can access our app through our homepage, or alternatively, through the link

The only requirement for using Echometer is a modern browser.

We recommend using the latest versions of, for example, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari. We explicitly do not support Internet Explorer, which has been phased out by Microsoft.

The action items can be imported to Jira. The import can be set up by workspace admins through “Workspace management → Integrations” in the app.

The preparation time depends on how much you want to customize your retro. Echometer offers a pre-selection of templates that can help you in preparation.

In our experience, preparation requires 5-10 minutes if you are familiar with the tool. At the beginning you should reserve a little more time to get to know the tool better.

How long a retro takes depends on the experience of the team, the facilitation, the range of topics and the size of the team. A retro can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

For the first retro, you should take at least an hour. Our tool takes you through the retro step by step and gives you instructions on how to conduct it. If you need help with implementation or, for example, time management, you will find tips and instructions in our Facilitation Guide.

Retrospectives & Health Checks in detail

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