Why Echometer?

To strengthen competitiveness in a sustainable and measurable way

Many managers lead their companies focusing solely on parameters such as sales, productivity and profitability. Yet many psychological factors are equally crucial to realise the full potential of a company.

What makes a successful team?

The psychology behind Echometer

Studies have examined in detail what makes successful, agile teams, and have thereby identified key preconditions for this.

As a spin-off of the psychological faculty of the University of Münster, we have broken down these constructs into concrete, tangible anchors of behavior. 

These behavioral anchors will help you to reflect and develop your working methods in a targeted manner.

Example: Behavioral Anchor from the "Psychological Safety" Model

  • In our team we are able to bring problems to the fore.
  • It is difficult to ask for help in our team.
  • Nobody on this team would deliberately act in a way that would undermine my efforts.

Echometer in practice

What effects does Echometer have on teams and companies? Shopware AG has rolled out Echometer across the company. You can find the case study here.

Increase in Productivity
through retrospectives (scientifically measured by Tannenbaum & Cerasoli, 2013)
0 %
Increase in Engagement
through agile work environment (measured by Gallup, 2018)
0 x

Why should you start with Retros now?

Regardless of whether your team works with Scrum, Scrumban or another methodology, retrospectives should be central to how you work. Retros make it possible to continually review and develop collaboration within your team.

"If you adopt only one agile practice, let it be retrospectives. Everything else will follow"
Woody Zuill
Agile Pioneer & Evangelist
"Echometer has managed to pick up impulses from science as well as from practice in an exemplary manner and to combine them meaningfully. The start-up thus offers a valuable tool to incorporate positive psychological elements into teamwork and to improve cooperation."
Prof. Dr. Meinald Thielsch
Senior lecturer in organizational and business psychology, Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster

What Makes Us Unique?

Echometer provides everything you need to develop your teams successfully.


The Core Benefits

Echometer measures and improves the most important factors for a healthy and efficient corporate culture.

Employee engagement

Managers often don't want to admit it, but studies show:
Only 15% of employees in Germany are really committed

Employee loyalty
Against the backdrop of a skilled worker shortage, reducing turnover is a key cost driver.
Employee health
Strengthen the psychological safety and resilience of employees, thereby reducing sick days and absenteeism.
Efficient personnel management

Employee surveys & 360º feedback conducted using Echometer minimizes the workload for human resources.


Strengthen the feedback and error culture in organisations, laying the foundations for innovation and initiating a change process.

Employer branding

A good corporate culture is the currency of the new world of work, with studies showing that these factors are increasingly important to graduates.


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