20+ facilitation tips for great retrospectives

Learn how to establish an effective change process through retrospectives

eBook preview - a practitioners guide to establishing a powerful change process using retrospectives

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Chapter 1: Get the Basics Right

Before you start with retrospectives, there are a couple of basics that you should take care of. Skip this chapter, and chances are that your retrospectives will suck and you can't figure out why.

Chapter 2: Survive in the Jungle of Retro Formats

As many options as there are to design a retrospective, there are just as many ways to muck it up.

Instead of suggesting specific formats (there are enough out there), this chapter presents guiding principles that help you build your own retrospective formats and enable you to anticipate what may work and what doesn't.

Chapter 3: Taking Action

Everyone talks about creative retrospective formats. Reflecting about how to define great actions often falls short. Even though the value of retrospectives is highly coupled to the effectiveness of outcomes.

It's time to shift the attention!

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Many teams use retrospectives without drawing any real added value from them.

The result is not surprising: retro fatigue in the teams.

With this eBook we want to help accelerating team development and change through retrospectives more effectively and sustainably.
Jean Michel Diaz
Co-Founder Echometer & Scrum Master

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