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Case study: Echometer at Diamant Software

Diamant Software uses Echometer to make changes transparent over time and to derive effective measures together with the teams.

Interview: Successful remote work with Echometer

Also C&A uses Echometer and can benefit fully from it, especially by switching to home work.

Case study: Echometer for the whole company

Learn how Shopware AG drives team development across the company with Echometer.

Interview: Promote healthy debate with Echometer

Echometer has been with the Mobiliar in action. You can find out here how our retrospective tool made team successes measurable.

Case study: Agile transformation in a corporate environment

This is how Miele Uses Scrum and agile working methods in the smart home area and uses Echometer to make cultural change measurable and thus controllable.

Interview: Support agile teamwork with Echometer

Echometer supported Bytabo for some time in team development. Find out how our software tool can also help your teams.

Case study: Interactive retrospectives with Echometer

The Bison Switzerland AG introduced Scrum in 2011. Find out how Echometer can support you in retrospectives.


Interview: Working remotely? Not a problem with Echometer

Learn how Echometer supports team development where 100% of staff work remotely at Frontastic GmbH.

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