Case Study: Echometer At netgo group

Anchoring company values with Echometer and promoting team and executive development throughout the company.

About The netgo group

The netgo group, founded in 2007 and based in Borken (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) with over 1150 employees at over 30 locations, supports medium-sized companies on the path to digitization with services in the field of IT from managed cloud to product development.

As an IT system house, the netgo group has set itself the goal of being a pioneer in the IT revolution. To this end, they build up a portfolio of companies to support medium-sized companies holistically in their digital transformations and in innovative IT projects – regardless of whether it is a cloud implementation, solutions for disruptive business models, the fine-tuning of established processes or digital transformation.

Initial Situation

Rapid growth and post-merger integrations

As part of its growth strategy, the netgo group has been acquiring multiple companies since 2019 in order to expand its service portfolio.

The companies within the corporate group should remain largely independent in order to be able to continue to react dynamically to changes.

Moreover, the netgo group offers its members valuable advantages. This includes in particular the internal network and market access. At the same time, there is a major challenge in establishing a uniform corporate culture, philosophy, values and goals in the group.

The Challenge

Echometer As The Solution

Make corporate culture measurable as an enterpreneurial success factor

The culture barometer - centralized and decentralized at the same time

With the help of Echometer, common values and cultural goals can be defined – and made measurable. Continuous insights into the well-being and development of teams and company areas are created.

In addition to the central topics, teams can also define their own metrics in order to address the individual challenges of the teams. 

Echometer enables regular reviews of the results at team level through retrospectives integrated in the tool (special team workshops).

Bottom-up change from within the teams

In order to develop teams sustainably, you have to invest in the self-efficacy of teams. One way of ensuring this across the company is through team retrospectives.

With Echometer as digital support in preparation, follow-up and moderation, the format of the team retrospective is easy to implement for all teams – even without the need for a coach in every retrospective.

Echometer pairs the retrospectives with regular surveys in which teams specifically evaluate aspects of their cooperation. These results then serve as the basis for deriving measures in the team retrospectives. This creates a measurable improvement process that also makes the effectiveness of the action items transparent.

The Added Value

A learning and adaptable organization

In accordance with the strategic objectives, the netgo group has defined key topics for the overarching culture barometer, with the focus on:

  • Corporate development
  • employee satisfaction indicator
  • Customer orientation
  • Cross-company collaboration

In addition, the corporate divisions and teams have the option of mapping their own topics in order to do justice to the individual context of their own corporate division.

Teams are not only feedback providers, but also actively initiate measures as part of their team retrospectives. At the end of a team retrospective, the ROTI "Return on Time Invest" is recorded. Teams confirm the added value of the team workshops with an average score of 8.2 out of 10 points.

The Results

"In contrast to classic HR tools, Echometer's approach of combining team retrospectives with surveys gives us the opportunity not only to obtain feedback, but also to actively involve the teams in change processes. This means that Echometer exactly matches our desired management and corporate culture."
Melissa Wedekind
People strategist

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