Team development, made easy

Team development, made

Echometer is a software tool that uses psychological know-how to help unleash the potential of employees & teams in organizations through team retrospectives – measurable and independent of location.

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Ø Investment / retrospective
(8 team members, 90 minutes)

The ROI of retrospectives

If teams or executives get the feeling that the retros take up too much time or do not add any added value, this is not only financially, but also for them Team dynamics and commitment problematic.

With Echometer you get measurably the optimal added value from your team retros. Find out how big the ROI is for you!

Your advantages with Echometer.

Insightful Initiate discussions in team retrospectives

Effectiveness of measures automatically follow up

Cross-team Health checks on Click

  • Team workshops (retrospectives)
  • Culture barometer (health check)

See continuous improvements from within your team

Many types of team workshops

Corporate culture made measurable

View developments with transparency

Interviews, case studies & quotes from our users

What our users say

Interaction and flexibility at the core

Whiteboard included.

Use interactive whiteboards to flexibly adapt each phase of the retro.

What makes us unique?

Echometer provides everything you need to develop your teams successfully.

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