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Echometer is a software tool that uses psychological know-how to help unleash the potential of employees & teams in organizations through team retrospectives – measurable and independent of location.

Develop teams and organizations measurably

Your Advantages With Echometer

Initiate insightful discussions in team retrospectives

Track the effectiveness of action items automatically

Generate cross-team health checks on click

Everything links together: Feedback, health checks, team-retros & whiteboards

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Many types of team workshops

Culture barometer

View developments with transparency

Whiteboard Included.

Use interactive whiteboards to flexibly adapt each phase of the retro.

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Echometer at Diamant Software

Sabine as "Release Train Engineer" at Diamant Software uses Echometer to make the needs of the teams visible. With Echometer, she and the teams can derive effective measures and understand changes in the organization over time.

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Psychology and agile methods combined

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Echometer provides everything you need to develop your teams successfully.

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