agile sprint retrospective pleasure and gain

Agile Retrospective ‘Pleasure and Gain’ incl. direct access

Many Scrum Master’s, Agile Coaches and other agile practitioners search for the “agile retrospective pleasure and gain”. Well, what might that be about? Don’t worry, I will explain the retrospective format to you below.

Agile Retrospective Pleasure and Gain compared to other retros

What’s special about the pleasure and gain retrospective: You are not simply collecting feedback. You are talking about a specific situation, artifact of your last sprint or weeks - and then view it from two perspectives: The perspective of pleasure and gain.

Agile Retrospective Pleasure and Gain

What a pleasure to gain some momentum 😎 😎

This is also the reason why you typically have two axes with two sides. When doing this retrospective on a (digital) whiteboard, it typically looks like this.

agile sprint retrospective pleasure and gain


Agile Sprint Retrospective – Pleasure & Gain

So the opposite of pleasure is pain. And the opposite of gain is loss.

In some teams (those with a lot of experience), you simply have to give them the graph above and they can start to type. In other teams (those that need some more instructions), you might ask the following questions.

  • Looking at the last sprint / last weeks, what gave you pleasure?
  • What gave you pain? Was it worth the gain it hopefully created?
  • What created a loss - did we somehow gain something from it?

As you might have noticed, you can add up on these questions. One other tip can be to name a specific situation:

  • Looking at our new Daily format: What about it created pleasure for you? What did we loose using it?

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Conclusion - Agile Retrospective Pleasure And Gain

Well, it was a pleasure for me to give you a brief overview of how this retrospective format works. 😉 Feel free to have a look at our 32 Retrospective Ideas for beginners and professionals - might also be interesting for you.

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