Spiral Dynamics (PDF) – A pioneering development theory

The Spiral Dynamics PDF – summarizes the most important background of the theory by Prof. Don Edward Beck and Prof. Christopher C. Cowan in a nutshell. 

If you want to develop individuals, teams and organizations sustainably, knowledge of the theory is absolutely recommended – it allows many other approaches (such as OKRs or Kanban) appear in a completely different light.

Spiral Dynamics PDF – the background (also for the test)

We all know it: you have a problem and no matter how you approach it, you simply cannot find a sensible solution to it. Such problems can be encountered in any context: private, with a professional task or in large organizational contexts. 

The theory of spiral dynamics, which was developed by Prof. Don Edward Beck and Prof. Christopher C. Cowan on the basis of the work of the psychologist Clare C. Graves, makes it clear why certain problems cannot be overcome with known solutions.

Albert Einstein basically got to the point with his quote:

"You can never solve problems with the same mindset that created them."

The theory of Spiral Dynamics was originally conceived for managers, but was also well received and is now very popular and widespread (similar to the 5 dysfunctions of a team to which you right here finds something). And that presumably precisely for the reason that it analyzes human thinking and behavior and makes them tangible and thus allows predictions about future actions. 

But what does the theory of spiral dynamics actually say in detail? For everyone who wants to get a quick overview or for those who want to refresh their memory, we hereby give a short summary of the popular theory as a PDF.

Incidentally, the book "Reinventing Organizations" transfers a very similar theory to organizational development. We also have a summary of this – see this link

Download the Spiral Dynamics Theory as PDF – here

It is easy to download the following Spiral Dynamics PDF document, in which the basics of the book are explained using a clear example over 9 pages. 

The topic of "Spiral Dynamics Test" is also discussed and reference is made to case studies and examples of companies that are specifically developing their corporate culture. Simply click on the picture to download the Spiral Dynamics PDF or eBook.

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