The phases of a retrospective

The retrospective in Echometer follows the classic steps from the textbook:

  • Check in
    Help your team get settled at the meeting and make sure everyone gets a chance to speak briefly.
  • Data gathering
    Gather the feedback and make sure everyone has an equal understanding of the feedback without getting into too much detail, or deriving actions yet.
  • Prioritization
    Let the team decide which topics should be discussed further in the retro.
  • Analysis & definition of action items
    Create a space to further analyze the prioritized issues and derive actions.
  • Check out
    Summarize the results and get feedback from the team on the retrospective.

Furthermore, in Echometer there is the step "review existing measures", which you can place before or after "collect feedback", depending on your settings.

To better understand the concept of how a retrospective works, we recommend our blog article about the "5 Diamond Model".

Tip: You can use whiteboards (bottom right menu) to flexibly break out of the format and insert creative workshop formats. You can prepare whiteboard templates in advance of the retrospective and then use them:

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