Definition of a few important terms (glossary)

To get started successfully in Echometer, a few terms are particularly important:


In Echometer, every customer has their own workspace. The workspace usually corresponds to the name of your organization / employer. You can find the name of your workspace in the top left of the sidebar:

All teams are assigned to one workspace. As a Echometer user, you can be a member of several workspaces at the same time.


Administrators of a workspace can create teams in a workspace. The surveys and retrospectives take place in the teams. All teams in which the logged-in user is a member are displayed on the left in the sidebar:

A user can be a member of several teams at the same time. Every team needs at least one team admin.

Retrospective / Retro

The retrospective is a team workshop that teams in Echometer use to reflect on their cooperation and to derive measures. In the run-up to the retrospective, feedback from your team is obtained as part of the survey in order to explain this in the retrospective and prioritize it and derive measures from it. More on this in “What is a retrospective?” And “The phases of a retrospective”.

Mobile retro

Team members have the opportunity to participate in the retro via mobile phone. The Mobile Retro supports all interactive elements and is perfect for e.g hybrid retrospectives. Just scan the QR code at the beginning of the retro. 


Are statements for which consent is requested as part of the survey. The results are then reflected in the team's retrospective. Items are available at team and workspace level. Depending on the level, the results end up in the Team Health and Workspace Health Dashboard after the retro.

background The items suggested in Echometer come mainly from research and represent prerequisites for, among other things, innovative strength, employee commitment and productivity. You can find out more about this in our How-to video.

Team Health

Summarizes the results of the team items from previous surveys and retrospectives of a team.

Workspace Health

Analogous to team items, summarizes the results of the workspace items across teams at the workspace level.

Personal feedback 

All Echometer users have a personal feedback link. By sharing the link you can ask e.g. your colleagues for personal feedback.

team survey

Are surveys sent by team admins to get the teams feedback. Surveys can be sent as part of the retro preparation or separately from a retro. In both cases, it is possible to include the survey results in a retrospective. 

Action items

Are to-dos that can be created at the end of a retrospective, for example. You can find a guide on how to create good action items in this blog article

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