How it works

To understand what you can achieve with Echometer, we recommend you to watch Christian's video – it's worth it!

How Echometer works

Choose the topics that are relevant to your team

Send a survey to your team before the retro

Start the interactive online retro together

Follow the development of your teams

Send surveys to your teams

  • Echometer sends out a little survey to the team before the retro. This way, each team member has the opportunity to think in advance about the topics that they would like on the agenda.
  • Your team members will receive the survey via email. You can easily fill it out using a browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • On the team page, you can see how much feedback you have already received.

Choose from a variety of topics

  • Items are the individual questions that make up the surveys for your team. You can put them together yourself or choose from various templates.
  • When it comes to items, we differentiate between Team Items and Echo Items.
  • Team Items can be selected individually by each team in the team's Item Pool according to their own needs and maturity level. Team Items are only evaluated within one team.
  • Echo items are queried company-wide to provide an all-emcompassing picture.
  • You can select the Echo Items that best match the objectives of your organization. The rest is done by Echometer, we insert the items in your team's surveys.
  • In all team surveys, up to two of the Echo Items are now recorded continuously, and will automatically appear on the Echo Dashboard.

Join the retro online

  • Once you have received feedback from everyone, you can start the retro. All team members will automatically receive an email with a link to join.
  • Team members do not have to register to join, however, you can set a password after the retro to access the team page.
  • When everyone is present, you can start with the Check-In.
  • The retro in Echometer is structured intuitively so that the feedback from the survey can be discussed, prioritized and, at the end, new plans for improvement can be made.
  • Subsequently, you get an overview of the results of your retrospective, alongside former ones.

Follow the development of your teams

  • On the team page, you get an overview of the last retro and all previous results.
  • You can also have results of past retros displayed over time to gather trends and developments using the Echo Dashboard. The Echo Dashboard shows the cross-team development information on completed measures, retros and Echo Items.
  • The display of the results over time gives you the opportunity to quickly gather trends and developments.
  • You can use the Echo Item Pool to expand the Echo Dashboard into your own individual culture barometer.


Echometer is currently available in English and German.

No. Echometer is a browser-based tool. All you need is a PC, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection. You can access our app through our homepage, or alternatively, through the link

The only requirement for using Echometer is a modern browser.

We recommend using the latest versions of, for example, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari. We explicitly do not support Internet Explorer, which has been phased out by Microsoft.

The action items can be imported to Jira. The import can be set up by workspace admins through “Workspace management → Integrations” on the app.

The preparation time depends on how much you want to customize your retro. Echometer offers a pre-selection of templates that can help you in preparation.

In our experience, preparation requires 5-10 minutes if you are familiar with the tool. At the beginning you should reserve a little more time to get to know the tool better.

How long a retro takes depends on the experience of the team, the moderation, the range of topics and the size of the team. A retro can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

For the first retro, you should take at least an hour. Our tool takes you through the retro step by step and gives you instructions on how to conduct it. If you need help with implementation or, for example, time management, you will find tips and instructions in our Moderation Guide.

Ready for the next step?

Facilitation Guide

You want to conduct your first retro? Here you will find everything you need to know.

Roll-out Checklist

You want to roll out Echometer in your organization? Our checklist helps you to do that.

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