Roll-out Checklist

You want to measurably develop several of your teams with Echometer and make your organization as a whole more agile? This list will help you to prepare the steps necessary for the roll-out.

Part 1 / 4: Contractual & commercial matters

  • Sponsoring
    Which budget is Echometer paid from and who is the internal sponsor? Is it, for example, individual departments or is there an overall, central budget?
  • Conclusion of the contract
    Has the Echometer SaaS contract already been concluded? If not: How long does the process of internal approval take? The setup and use of Echometer can only begin when the SaaS contract has been signed.
  • Data protection
    Are there any special requirements in the company in addition to the GDPR regulations? (See Data Protection Measures from Echometer.) Please note that individual contract regulations are only possible in enterprise contracts.

Part 2 / 4: Technical matters

  • Remove restrictions
    Are there technical restrictions for the use of Echometer in the company network or the computers (for example IP filters, restrictions in the VPN or email filter)?
  • Use of modern browsers
    All Echometer users need access to modern browsers such as MS Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer is not a modern browser (only a compatibility solution for outdated software) and is not supported by Echometer.
  • Integration & SSO (Single Sign On)
    Are there any internal requirements? In addition to the standard integrations (e.g. Jira), individual integrations can also be coordinated for enterprise customers.

Part 3 / 4: Put on the culture barometer

  • Start time
    When should the Echo Dashboard be used as an individual culture barometer? We generally recommend to start using it as early as possible. At the beginning it is sufficient to start with, for example, just one "Happiness" question and then expand the culture barometer over time.
    Our recommendation: Start with 1 – 3 preliminary Echo items.
  • Decision for long-term setup
    In order to maximize long-term added value, a transparent decision-making process regarding the setup of the culture barometer should be communicated to all stakeholders at an early stage. This often includes: management, works council, HR and agile coaches/scrum masters.
    Our recommendation: Develop a proposal and share it with all stakeholders in order to obtain feedback and additions. You can then finalize the setup in a joint appointment. General rule: Each party has the right to veto the use of an item. Therefore you will start with a compromise that all parties can live with. The setup can also be adjusted later based on your experiences. 

Part 4 / 4: Internal communication

  • Prior information and "buy-in" from stakeholders
    Have all stakeholders been informed and involved before the official introduction (especially works council, HR, agile coaches/scrum masters and management)?
  • Echometer Champion & Workspace Admin(s)
    Who is your internal Echometer champion and thus "single point of contact" for inquiries about Echometer (if you are reading this, that could be your role)? Has this person been introduced internally to all planned Echometer users?
  • Frequency of team retros
    What expectations are placed on the teams regarding the frequency of the retros (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)? Do these expectations match the working methods of the teams and have they been coordinated with the teams?
  • Onboarding of facilitators
    Who in the teams will moderate the retros (e.g. agile coaches, managers or team members)? How will inexperienced facilitators get prepared? For example, can coaches or scrum masters help train other facilitators?
    Our recommendation: Offer an internal onboarding and set up demo teams for facilitators so that they can do a test run before their first retro.

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