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Team development software Echometer receives 6-digit investment from renowned business angels

After successfully entering the market in 2020, Echometer receives a seed investment led by Oliver Flaskämper, the flaschenpost team and other experienced investors to expand software and team.

Münster, January 26, 2021: The events of the past year gave digital team building tools like Echometer an incredible boost. Now the digital coach for agile companies has announced its seed round of over half a million euros. The start-up, founded in Münster in 2019 by Christian Heidemeyer, Jean Michel Diaz and Robin Roschlau, helps organizations of all sizes and from all sectors to measurably further develop teams. The employees are the drivers of agile cultural change. The founding trio is looking forward to new investors who will support them on their way to becoming the leading digital coach.

Money from previous flaschenpost exit flows back into regional tech start-ups

In addition to the well-known serial entrepreneur and business angel Oliver Flaskämper, Echometer has gained further strong regional partners. Including the management team from flaschenpost, which sees Echometer as a promising tool. “We are very pleased that with Echometer another extremely ambitious team in the Münster start-up scene is entering the growth phase. Echometer shows how agile, new ways of working can be implemented and how to set new standards for the world of working. We are very proud to support Echometer in its future developmentsays Stephen Weich, Managing Director at message in a bottle.

Also involved are the entrepreneurs behind 1648 factory, HR Pioneer, medium-sized customers like Diamond software, Scrum Master Simon Hegener, and Sebastian Heide (VP Engineering at CrossEngage). "We are particularly proud to bring together with our seed investment experts from various business areas & disciplines – IT, Business and New Work – who create real added value for Echometer with their experience and their network ”, says Christian Heidemeyer, co-founder of Echometer and responsible for marketing and sales. 

Sebastian Heide, VP Engineering at CrossEngage adds:

“From my experience as a coach and manager in agile companies, I know how important the cultural change is – and also how difficult it is for companies. Echometer makes the change process measurable and controllable by the teams themselves. This saves companies a few years of trial and error and a lot of money in the agile transformation ”.

Growth boost for the agile team development software

The current funding follows a strong start in 2020, with Echometer increasing its monthly sales tenfold from January through December. The young start-up from Münster continues to support companies in the cultural change and turns remote work into a positive team experience. "The combination of retrospective and engagement software provides organizations and teams with the right tools to create a work environment in which employees can get involved and unleash their potential", explains Robin Roschlau, co-founder and responsible for product development and IT at Echometer. Customers such as Miele, T-Systems, Toyota, Frontastic and Shopware are already using the software successfully. 

Business Angel Oliver Flaskämper adds: “I have known the team since it was formed as part of the Founders Foundation's start-up school and am impressed with how Echometer has developed in the meantime. The growth in 2020 gives the team the right to work on something with huge potential here ”.

Echometer co-founder Jean Michel Diaz, who is responsible for product strategy and commercial matters in his role, confirms: “Even before the financing, we proved with our strong growth and with over 2,300 users that Echometer can be quickly understood in agile companies of very different sizes and industries and can be established in team's everyday work environment. With the financing, we now have the opportunity to leverage our potential and actively shape the change in the world of work ”. The investment of about 600,000 euros will be used to develop the team in the areas of marketing, sales and product and expanding the SaaS platform with new features. The aim is to further increase employee engagement and to continuously develop agile methods in each business area. 

About Echometer

The start-up Echometer (, founded in Münster in 2019, is the digital coach for agile companies. The heart of the software is the team workshop tool, which is used to carry out so-called retrospectives. It enables the participants to look back on their successes and challenges of the last few weeks in a playful way, to exchange ideas about communication, feedback culture and well-being and to develop measurably as a team. The idea behind Echometer came about at the end of 2016 as part of the Founders Foundation's start-up school in Bielefeld. This is where the diverse founding trio – Christian Heidemeyer (psychologist), Jean Michel Diaz (business administration) and Robin Roschlau (IT) – came together. It continued with a start-up grant through the psychological faculty of the University of Münster. Echometer today has over 2,300 active users and is used by companies such as Miele, T-Systems, Toyota and Westlotto.

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