Bertelsmann BeAgile Meetup Echometer Keynote 2

The Psychology of Agility (Video)

We had the honor of giving a keynote today on the psychology of agility at Bertelsmann BeAgile Meetup to hold in Gütersloh.

If you want to find out how to build successful teams and shape change processes in companies, have a look! We also have more information about agile working right here put together for you.

Christian Heidemeyer, the psychologist in the Echometer founding team, explains why psychological safety is so important for successful teams. He draws on vivid studies from various areas.

Afterwards, Jean Michel Diaz highlights the challenges facing the Introduction of agile work German companies create & #8211; against the background that, according to the Gallup Engagement study, only a fraction of German employees are really committed.

In particular Brownbag sessions, F * ckup talks and Retrospectives are presented as promising formats that can support the introduction of agile work in companies through psychological security.

Would you like to use the latest psychological findings to further develop your team and company? Then our digital coach Echometer could be a support for you. More information here:

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