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The single most important precondition for innovation in teams

Where can you actually start if you want to increase innovation in your team?

Scientific research showed that there are a lot of factors that are relevant. In our last post on this, we already explained three surprising facts about team innovation – you can find the corresponding article here.

But what is the most important precondition for innovation in teams? Don't worry - we will answer that in the following video.

Our Co-Founder Christian Heidemeyer, psychologist and Scrum Master, explains to you where to start to improve innovation in your team.

Did you already consider all these factors in your team development? 🤔

By the way, we recently wrote a free e-book. If you are interested in why, as a psychologist, I believe that the "right mindset" is overrated and how one really transfers the individual "state of flow" to a team: Here is more information and the download link.



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