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The agile “Harry Potter” Retrospective incl. direct access

Many people search for “retrospective agile Harry Potter” because they are searching for a fun and creative way to facilitate their next retrospective. Well, no problem - we can provide you with the “Harry Potter retrospective” questions 🙂

Retrospective Agile Harry Potter

2 hints for a good retrospective

There are dozens of way to facilitate a retrospective. What they all have in common are the 5 phases of a retrospective. Although looking at the Double Diamond model, one might argue that 5 phases of a retrospective are not enough. So check out the linked post for more info 🙂

So no matter if you might do the “retrospective agile Harry Potter”, I still recommend to take the 5 phases of a retrospective into account. Additionally, we recommend to use a check-in, some icebreaker that helps to start the conversation.

We will provide you with a check-in for the Harry Potter retrospective below. But just to be sure, you can find some more retrospective check-in’s for every situation in the linked blog post.

The agile ‘Harry Potter’ retrospective

So here you go, these are the questions we developed when you want to do the Harry Potter retrospective. It begins with the following check-in, which is optional:

  • Everyone in your agile team: If you would choose to be one character from the Harry Potter universe, who would you be?

sprint retrospective agile harry potter.png


The Harry Potter Retro

Alright, after this optional check-in (it should not take longer than 5-10% of your retrospective time), these are the main questions for your retrospective:

  • What is our "firebolt" (Harry's broom), that helps us achieve our goals? (optional explanation: For example, helpful tools, skills, or routines.)
  • What surprising message did messenger owl Hedwig have in her package for us? (optional explanation: Surprising news or twist from the last weeks.)
  • Based on your work, what would you see when you look into the Mirror of Erised? The mirror shows your heartfelt wish.
  • Which recent memories would you like to save in a Pensieve to relive later? (optional explanation: Moments or things you would like to remember.)

Of course feel free to adapt these questions or add your own one. 🙂

If you want, you can do this retrospective with our retrospective tool Echometer:

Conclusion - Retrospective Agile Harry Potter

I hope you will enjoy this agile Harry Potter retrospective! Feel free to let our retrospective tool Echometer help you facilitate the session.

In case you are interested in even more fun agile retrospective ideas, check out our blog post with 32 kickass retrospective ideas right now.

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