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Scaling Agile Training: The 7 Best Providers

Agile at Scale embeds agile principles, mindsets, values and practices at all levels of your organization. This way, not only employees, but also portfolios, programs, IT and culture are agile. The result: your company optimizes its operations and produces better results faster.

But how can you implement Agile at Scale in your organization? To work successfully in agile, you first have to go to school. No master has fallen from the sky yet. Before you find yourself sitting back in your old classroom, let me reassure you: you'll find plenty of Scaled Agile Trainings online to gain the skills you need.

To help you find the right Scaled Agile Framework training in the thicket of offerings, I've combed the market for you - and picked out the 7 best courses. Which Scaling Agile Training is right for you?


1. Scaling Agile Training by Leading SAFe


Quick Facts

Course objective: develop a strong understanding of Lean Portfolio Management

Time frame: two days

Location: online


The agile training of the provider Leading SAFe shows you how to run a Lean Agile company. It does this by explaining how to implement the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe in your organization - and thus scale agility.

The Scaled Agile Framework Training is designed to last two days. You will first learn about the SAFe principles. Then, the course focuses on the participants. The group discusses how to establish Team Agility and Technical Agility in the company. 

At the end of the Scaled Agile Framework Training, you will have an understanding of Lean Portfolio Management. You will know where to start with Scaled Agile to gradually implement it in your organization. In addition, you'll receive a training workbook, a one-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform, and an official certificate. The course overview gives you more info about the Scaling Agile Training by Leading SAFe.

I can recommend the course to you if you want to train internal trainers for SAFe in your organization. Course participants report above all that they were able to develop a comprehensive understanding of SAFe in the short seminar time of two days.


2. ClearlyAgile 


Quick Facts

Course objective: formulate and implement agile culture in the company

Timeframe: as needed

Location: online


ClearlyAgile, a provider from the USA, assumes that a Scaled Agile framework can only be successful if companies ask the right questions and internalize the agile values. To this end, ClearlyAgile's Scaling Agile trainings put culture at the heart of the agile transformation. Not without reason: the biggest challenge in Agile is the culture change in the company. A recent McKinsey study found that. Organizations don't know how to formulate an agile culture and make it come alive. ClearlyAgile's training courses therefore teach all the important ingredients for an agile corporate culture.

For example, ClearlyAgile offers Scaled Agile Trainings online for technology teams and their stakeholders. It relies on concepts such as Scrum and Kanban. One of the most experienced coaches at ClearlyAgile is Rachel Schumacher. She specializes primarily in scaling organizations with 50 to 160 employees. To find out which online Scaled Agile Framework Training is right for you, visit the Clearly Agile website.


3. Infosysta


Quick Facts

Course objective: Build expertise in agile methodologies in various business areas

Timeframe: as needed 

Location: online or in-house


Infosysta is a software development and consulting company based in the Middle East. It describes itself as "experts in digital transformation in the Middle East". The expertise is there in any case: Infosysta is an official Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in the EMEA region. It advises companies on agile methods in various business areas. In this way, it builds up expertise for them to develop further.

To do this, Infosysta uses Kanban, Scrum, and a mix of both. One of its experienced consultants, for example, is Mohammed Khalifa, who is based in Karlsruhe/Germany. Infosysta's customers include both private companies and government agencies.


4. Isos Technology


Quick Facts

Course objective: build expertise in agile methodologies in various business areas

Time frame: varies depending on the course

Location: online or in-house 


Similar to Infosysta, Isos Technology specializes in Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partners. In the process, the provider was named Atlassian Partner of the Year in 2019. Isos Technology is based in Arizona in the U.S. and places a high value on transparency in an organization. It sees this as the key benchmark for measuring the success of a Scaled Agile Framework Training. In addition to agile development, it uses Atlassian tools for DevOps, ITSM and business processes. 

Isos Technology's customers come from both the private and public sectors. At Isos Technology, for example, experienced experts include Agile Project Manager Christian Goetzman and Senior Atlassian Consultant Michael March.


5. Agile Training by Agile Transformation Inc.


Quick Facts

Course objective: develop competence for Agile (from beginner to expert)

Time frame: varies depending on the course

Location: online


Agile Transformation Inc. covers a wide spectrum with its Scaled Agile Framework Trainings online. You'll find trainings from agile scaling to business transformations. A total of five Scaled Agile Framework Trainings are waiting for you. The offer is aimed at every level of agile experience. 

  • The first Scaled Agile training - "Pilot Agile" - is particularly suitable for companies that want to try out Agile. 
  • The second training is all about scaling Agile. This starts and ends with a health assessment. By the way, in our post on Agility Health Radars we show you the 13 most popular models for agile KPIs. 
  • The third Scaling Agile Training is titled "Enterprise Transformation". It appeals to you especially if you are part of senior management and planning a transformation with many teams. It helps you develop a vision and a roadmap. 
  • The fourth course shows you how to lead your team away from traditional management to collaborative servant leadership. 
  • The fifth and final Scaling Agile Training teaches you to lead the agile transformation in your organization itself. You can find all of the provider's courses on the Agile Transformation Inc. website.


6. CalAgile


Quick Facts

Course objective: optimize processes in companies for faster value generation

Time Frame: 4 hours or as needed

Location: in-house 


CalAgile's mission is to improve processes in organizations so they can create value faster. To that end, CalAgile has years of experience with Scaled Agile Framework Training and as an agile practitioner. The provider is based in California. It serves clients in telecommunications, retail, e-commerce, marketing, and big data. One focus of CalAgile's seminars is to increase job satisfaction at team level.


7. CollabNet Version One


Quick Facts

Course objective: acquire competence for faster and higher quality software development

Time frame: 1-3 days depending on the course

Location: in-house


The Scaled Agile Framework Trainings by CollabNet Version One are dedicated to Enterprise Value Stream Management. The goal: organizations should be able to produce software faster, with lower risk and higher quality results. For this purpose, the courses focus on topics like classic Agile Training, Application Lifecycle Management, Application Release Automation, Configuration Management, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Enterprise SCM, DevOps and Value Stream Mapping. 


8. Bonus: Project Scagile 


Quick Facts

Course objective: avoid 7 critical mistakes in Agile at Scale

Time frame: varies depending on the webinar

Location: online


At Echometer, we can also help you implement Agile at Scale in your organization. Our free Project Scagile will show you the 7 mistakes you should avoid at all costs when scaling agile. For this, you can access on-demand webinars that teach you the most important skills for working professionally with agile, especially in a scaled context, in 7 different modules. In other words, you learn how to implement agile in multiple teams.

Project Scagile empowers you in these 7 areas:

  • Starting to scale: The right way
  • Agile metrics
  • Aligning around value
  • Aligning leadership
  • Horizontal communication
  • The most important ceremony in agile
  • Transforming culture



To embed Scaled Agile at all levels of your organization, all stakeholders need to think and act in an agile way. Scaled Agile Framework Trainings help you to acquire the competence for this change. 

Digital learning pays off: with your knowledge, you create a foundation for your organization to get better products up and running faster.

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