Easter Special Retrospective Format

Creative formats for retrospectives suitable for Easter: Easter bunnies, egg hunt & Co.

Seasonal Easter retro formats to stimulate creativity

Agile coaches, Scrum Masters & Co. love creative formats for retrospectives. Based on varied questions in creative retro formats, teams often come up with new ideas and find the retrospective to be more fun.

That's why you shouldn't skip the seasonal Easter occasion to escape the standard retro formats a little. At least that's what Andreas and I thought this morning during our coffee chat. So we developed ideas on how Easter bunnies, egg hunt and surprise eggs can be meaningfully combined with the classic reflection questions of a retro.

Here are our results – have fun trying it out in your next Easter retros!

Our 3 retro formats for Easter (including check-in suggestion)

Retro format for Easter No. 1: The Easter egg hunt

Retro check-in

  • Do you still have memories of your last egg hunt? If yes, which?

Open reflection questions (as a metaphor for the work context)

  • Which Easter egg did you come across as a surprise in the last few weeks? (new knowledge, fact or insight)
  • In which situation did you (almost) break your Easter egg? (Mistakes, rash or careless behavior)
  • Which Easter egg took you far too long to find in the last week? (Hurdle, obstacle, a factor holding you back)
  • Where did you rediscover an Easter egg from last year? (an almost forgotten topic or opportunity)

Retro format for Easter No. 2: The Ü-Ei / Chocolate Easter Egg Retro

Retro check-in

  • What was your favorite candy when you were a child (apart from the chocolate egg 😉)?

Open reflection questions (as a metaphor for the work context)

  • What surprise did you want for your chocolate Easter egg? (Things that you hoped for or desired)
  • What was your tastiest chocolate Easter egg? (something you really enjoyed)
  • What was the surprise in your chocolate Easter egg? (something that surprised you)

Retro format for Easter No. 3: Gifting Easter eggs

Retro check-in

    • What is your favorite Easter tradition in your family or among friends?

    Open reflection questions (as a metaphor for the work context)

    • Which Easter eggs did you find in your basket? (positive things that you are grateful for)
    • Which Easter eggs did you give away to your colleagues? (Support and help you gave)
    • Which Easter egg are you still looking for? (Wishes or support that you hope for in the near future)

    Now it's your turn: Start a team retro using an Easter theme

    👉 If you already use Echometer, you can easily enter the Easter questions in the survey for the next retro and save the check-in in the retro preparation. Through the survey before the retro your team members have enough time to think about the questions before the retro. So you can be sure that your retro will bring many creative perspectives to light!

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