My time at Echometer

A few things about me ☀️

How it all started

A three-month internship is compulsory for my study program, in order to gain a little practical experience. Through a fellow student during my search for an internship, she told me about Echometer and I decided to apply. After a very nice chat with Christian, he asked me to work from early August to late October with the team at Echometer. 

"I've never been a fan of rigid and steep hierarchies. A start-up therefore seemed perfectly suited to me! Echometer exceeded my expectations."


During the internship

During my internship, I had the opportunity to carry out my work assignments, adapted to my own interests and strengths . The whole team has my work and my opinion from day one respected and valued

My tasks were very diverse! To name a few examples:

Please check out a few of our blog posts ! You can find them on our homepage 😇

I really enjoy working with graphics programs, and am always happy when I am allowed to design or create things. I worked a lot with Figma at Echometer – and I had never heard of it before.

Perhaps you've heard of future staff? This year I was able to help prepare this (design of the booth and the flyer)

Echometer sends out a newsletter that informs users about news about the product.

This was a very cool opportunity to get in touch with customers independently. The customers reported on their experiences in an interview. Under Success Stories you can find everything else 🙌🏻

"My highlight was that I was allowed to work independently in all tasks and that the team trusted me - that is not a matter of course for me as an intern."

What might also interest you:

You have the opportunity to work from home as well as on site. For me, that was, because I commute from Osnabrück, a very cool option – although I always preferred to work on site because of the team alone. ☀️

Team spirit!

By the way, my internship wasn't just about work. 

B.ouldering, B.eer, and B.ody building 🏋🏼‍♀️ were part of it too! To translate that: We did a little workout together around lunchtime. – it wakes you up and is a good way to have fun 💪🏻! Alternatively, sometimes we also just had a cup of coffee or tea with a nice chat and a piece of chocolate in between work. 😊

My conclusion

Before my internship, I did not have the opportunity to work in a start-up and I am happy that, on the one hand, I was allowed to experience the start-up mentality as well as getting to learn more about agile work structures.

Echometer is not only developing a software tool that strengthens the feedback culture, it is living feedback culture yourself 🚀

The whole thing was only possible because the team welcomed me so warmly! Thank you very much for standing by my side through all my tasks with help and advice! Who knows, maybe we'll see each other again someday 💚

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