Experience report: My internship at Echometer

"I wanted to do an internship where I can work independently, learn a lot and have fun!"

Facts about me:

Why I went to Echometer:

Psychology and business creation are not things that are often linked. After my bachelor's degree in psychology, I really wanted to get a taste of a work life. However, I preferred not to work in a large HR department of a well-established company.

I had little interest in recruitment and employee training. I wanted to know:
How does a company work, ranging from product development to sales?

Which processes are involved? What do you have to worry about? How do you design marketing and sales strategies?

I had no idea about any of this!

But, I've been interested in start-ups and company formation for a long time.

That's why I was so happy when I discovered Echometer.

I was hoping to get more of the “big picture” in a start-up, than in a large company with many individual departments.

I also wanted to know how a standalone technical product with a psychological background is developed.

"My tasks were then really very diverse and exciting!"

My tasks:

My highlight:

I constructed a landing page (the first page of a website, that someone sees) for a specific target group. Through this, I learned a lot about the form design of good landing pages, the needs of certain target groups and how to use the CMS "Wordpress." It was an independent project. Since through this, we appealed to potential customers, it had a very practical purpose.

Never created a website before? Haven't done anything in the field of PR before? No idea what "BWL" is?

If your answer to all of these questions is "yes," don't worry - I had the same thoughts before, and they were unsubstantiated. The most important thing is that you have fun learning new things, teach others what you know, and that you stay curious. If you already have skills in marketing or sales, great. If not, good for you, because you get to learn a lot here!

Echometer offers:

What was really good:

A lot was given to you! For example, I have prepared the basis for decision-making for a five-digit investment. In general, I was allowed to do a lot myself, learn from scratch, and it was completely ok to make mistakes. – nobody's perfect.

"An internship has to be fun!"

After-work beer

Team bouldering

Want to get involved?

If you …

The Echometer team looks forward to seeing you!

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