Simply effective retrospectives

All your retrospectives in one solution
regardless of whether remote, on-site or hybrid

Retros easily from your smartphone

Share live reactions 👋, Participate in live surveys 🎚, write feedbacks 💬, vote for topics 👍 , & more


Regardless of whether remote, on-site or hybrid

All your retrospectives in one place

✅ Remote retrospectives

Hybrid & on-site retrospectives

Join the retrospective (📱 or 💻)

People who are on-site follow the retro on a shared screen and can note feedback, vote and share reactions via their smartphones. Remote participants can join the retro using their desktop browser.

Reduce distractions 👀

Echometer ensures that all participants concentrate on the retro. The mobile screen is designed to be as distraction-free as possible.

Automated documentation

Echometer documents all results and sends the link to the summary to all participants.

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