Step 3: Follow the team development

Make developments in the team and beyond transparent

Keep track of your team's development after the retro! Echometer offers you various functions to make team development transparent, visible and measurable.

In addition, the culture barometer offers you the opportunity to understand cross-team developments.

Always keep your team's development in mind

The team page offers you an overview of the last retro as well as the results of the past retros. The display over time gives you the possibility to quickly see trends and developments.

Set up the cross-team culture barometer

You conduct retrospectives with several teams? Then the Echo Dashboard (culture barometer) offers you the opportunity to track cross-team developments and thus make the corporate culture measurable. Observe selected target values and analyze the heatmap to determine changes.

Observe the activity of your workspace

In the echo dashboard you can find an overview of the past retros in your workspace - how many retros have you done in the last months and how many new action items have been created? This helps you to keep an eye on the activity of your workspace.