Step 2: Conducting the retro

Interactive & effective design

Now you can jump right into your first retrospective - Echometer's intuitive structure and diverse features allow you and your team to make the retro constructive and interactive!

Have your team actively participate

To invite the team to the retro, use the "Start Retro" button on the team page. The team members will receive an email with the link to the retro - alternatively, they can easily join the retro via the team page in Echometer.

An intuitive structure for moderation

The retro in Echometer is structured intuitively and makes it easy to discuss the feedback focused in a focused manner, prioritize it and derive action items. The action item review is also integrated - so no action items from past retros fall by the wayside.

Use the comprehensive modular system of interactions

Whether whiteboards, timeboxing, live reactions, collaborative grouping and voting - as far as interactivity is concerned, we have thought of everything.