Fun Retrospective Techniques

4 fun retrospective techniques: How to spice up team meetings.

In the agile world, retrospectives are an essential tool to help teams learn from their experiences and continuously improve. But let's be honest: sometimes these meetings can be monotonous and uninspiring. So how can we make these important meetings more interesting and dynamic? In this article, I'll share some creative and fun retrospective techniques that will liven up your retro.

Fun retrospective techniques

Creative and fun retrospective techniques

There are many ways to hold retrospectives and accordingly there are many fun retrospective techniques. Here are 4 fun approaches to retrospectives that you've probably never seen before:

1. Retrospective Speed Dating

Organize short, one-to-one conversations within the team, similar to speed dating. Each pair discusses specific questions or topics for a few minutes before moving on to the next partner. This encourages direct communication and helps team members to understand each other better. The "First Date Retrospetive" also fits the occasion:

Open questions

What would make you fall in love with your team? 

What are common values that you are searching for?

What would be red flags that are bad signals for a healthy relationship?

What would the dream future look like?

Fun retrospective techniques

2. Retrospective Games

In addition to retrospectives, we also love all games. That's why we have the best of both worlds here. A retro game like Pacman (pun intended):

Open questions

What ghosts were hunting you in the last sprint?

What allowed us to turn from hunted to hunter?

What new tactics might lead us to winning in the future?

Fun retrospective techniques

3. Retrospective Storytelling

Ask team members to tell stories about their experiences in the last sprint. This can be an effective method for shedding light on complex problems and promoting creative solutions. There is also a suitable retro format here: "The Storytelling Retro":

Open questions

If the last sprint was a book, which genre was it?

What were the happiest moments of our protagonist?

What made your book dramatic?

What is necessary for the positive plot-twist you desperately wish for?

Fun retrospective techniques

4. The Retrospective Time Travel

Imagine you could turn back time. Where would your journey take you then? Retro time travel:

Open questions

To which point in time (of your sprint) would you travel back to prevent a recent setback or failure of your team?

To which point in time (of your sprint) would you travel back to experience it again, because it simply felt good?

To which point in time in the future would you travel to learn something we don’t know yet? 

What did we do differently to get to that point?


Of course, we have many more templates up our sleeve. Try them out by testing our tool or have a look at this article: 22 Refreshing Agile Retrospective Templates

Fun retrospective techniques

Conclusion – Fun Retro Templates

I hope that these techniques will help you to make your retrospectives more exciting and effective. Experiment with different approaches and find out what works best for your team. You can find more than 50 other templates in this blog post.

Alternatively, you can also browse our retro library directly and try out exciting retro games live:

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