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When did you start working for Echometer?

Johannes: I started working at Echometer back in October 2020 as a freelancer in part time. Since May 2021 I'm employed in full time as a Full Stack Developer.

What is your previous work experience?

Johannes: I completed my dual business informatics studies at Bertelsmann. While studying, I got to know the Founders Foundation in Bielefeld and came into contact with start-up culture for the first time. Inspired by this, I started a number of projects where I came into contact with many emerging and cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning. Then I thought that it might be interesting for me to join an already growing start-up to learn as much as possible, get involved and see where my journey is going. Finally, I'm now employed full time at Echometer and I totally love it! 💚

At Echometer

What do you like about working at Echometer?

Johannes: The openness and transparency we live in our team. You can basically ask anybody about what you're interested in regarding our company or our plans and goals. You can also bring yourself in anywhere you'd like to if it makes sense and provide value to the organisation. This offers incredible opportunities in shaping your own day of work as you would like.

If you could freely choose your own job title that best describes what you do at Echometer, what would it be?

Johannes: The digital Swiss Army Knife (m / f / d)

Your favorite retrospective method or team workshop?

Johannes: Of course I love doing retrospectives in our own tool, because this is when I first got in touch with retros at all and I like how simple but yet effective they can be.

What is your personal highlight that you achieved or experienced while working at Echometer?

Johannes: Definitely the level of self-determination that you are given here at Echometer & the freedom to get involved wherever you can offer the team added value. I was able to take over the technical customer support very early on, take care of the design of and order our company clothing (hoodies) and now I was asked if I would like to organize our retreat later in the year. 🌴🍹

What was your first week at Echometer like?

Johannes: Installing things. Setting up my IDE. Getting to know all the collegues. Enjoying the view out the windows directly at the Münster Haven. 🤤 (still doing this 👀)

What was your biggest or funniest fuckup at Echometer?

Johannes: Luckily there weren't that many but someday it was reported to us that the layout of our website was broken and I became so nervous, totally thinking I exactly know what I'm doing, I simply restored a Backup in the middle of the day which took tremendously long and quickly destroyed 3h of work done to the website which wasn't stored in the backup yet. 🤦‍♂️ Soryyyyyy Jean!!

What is an interesting thing you learned at Echometer?

Johannes: Sharks won't attack you when you swim upright and they flee when you swim towards them. 🦈 


How would your friends describe you in 3 words?

Johannes: Open 🤷, communicative 💬, friendly 💕

What are the values that drive you?

Johannes: I'm very interested in learning new things. Therefore, anywhere where I can learn something, I like to do it.

What are your hobbies?

Johannes: There are a lot. I like any kinds of sports like riding my bike or going out inline skating, wind surfing, skiing, playing table tennis, ... . I love taking out my camera with me and I am passionate about writing software which somehow delivers any kind of value.

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