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Agile training & consulting: 5 popular providers

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Not only according to Castsoftware, agile transformation training is an important milestone in the agile transformation journey. Are you at that point where you need a provider but don’t know who to go to? Well, we have got you covered! 

We’ve already gone over what agile transformation is in a short and crisp manner.

So today, we are going to cover some of the providers that enable the process to happen. We will provide an overview of specifically four popular providers showing which types of training there are for you with their focus and process.

So let's get started!

1. SAFe® agile training within Project Scagile,

Project Scagile is an initiative to provide the world with high quality, free of charge online training on “how to scale agile”. It is therefore applicable for anyone who is searching for SAFe® agile training. The free scaling agile training is by Echometer, the online tool for agile health checks & retrospectives. 

Based on interviews with international experienced practitioners, it offers seven different free SAFe webinars that are held regularly - and pretty entertaining:

  • How to start scaling agile the right way
  • How to align leadership within agile transformation
  • How to align teams around value
  • How to transform culture within agile transformation
  • How to align hundreds of teams horizontally around one goal
  • What are good agile metrics within agile transformation?
  • Getting the most important ceremony in agile right

As you can see, this one could also be interesting when searching for “agile training product owner” or “agile training scrum master”, but it rather focuses on the scaled agile level. If you are looking for a certificate, it is not the right one - so far, they are not providing certification. It still provides you with great insights. Check out the Project Scagile website to learn more.

2. SAFe® agile training by Agile Transformation Inc. 

Source: Our team | Agile transformation

Their agile transformation training plan covers quite a wide array of programs. From SAFe® agile training to enterprise transformation, this program provider has five programs on offer.

  • Their first program is for those who want to try agile out and are not sure if it will work for them - named Pilot Agile. 
  • Their second program is centered around scaling agile and in the video states that the program starts with a health assessment and ends with another one in 3-6 months. Find more on Agility Health Radars here by the way. 
  • The next agile training is enterprise transformation. If you are an executive and are ready to tackle real challenges, then this is for you. As there is no display on how to flow, this program is centred around this problem by viewing your vision and developing a roadmap. More on various agile roadmaps can be found here, by the way.
  • The next agile transformation training on offer is leadership/team transformation. If you want your team to go away from traditional management to a more collaborative and communicative Servant Leadership style, then this is for you. 
  • The last agile transformation training concerns the transformation enablement program that is set out to those who want to learn how to lead the transformation internally.

Each agile transformation training is highlighted on their website with a video and the problem you are undergoing with the resolving offering. Check it out here

“For executives and leaders that want real, measurable results” 

It seems that they work with teams all over the world and have received a lot of positive feedback including a review from a Vice President in Organizational Development at CBE Companies.

Samantha says they provided a “best-in-class instructor with real world experience in implementing Agile processes which proved to be very valuable in guiding our efforts.” For more information, check them out here on their website.

3. SAFe® agile training by The Agile Company

"We have the expertise and experience to help you succeed"

The Agile Company provides certified agile transformation training, coaching, and consulting, including SAFe® agile training and others. Their agile trainings also cover a wide variety of other different (Scaled) Agile frameworks such as Scrum or Kanban.

Their trainings are accessible online or in person. Although based in France, training is held all over the world from the USA and Canada to Europe, Australia, and Asia. 

Their agile webinars include various exercises and games where attendees will be ready at the end to apply their newly acquired skills to daily exercises.

Every coach is certified by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) and has a certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

According to their website, their consulting is “built for business leaders looking for solutions to increase their performance.” - The Agile Company.

Find out more on their website or get to know one of their agile coaches, Natascha Speets, on LinkedIn.

4. SAFe® agile training by Leading SAFe

"Thriving in the digital age with Business Agility" 

As the name states, this SAFe agile training is centred around leading a Lean-Agile enterprise by leveraging the most popular framework to scale agile - Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) ®.

I would generally recommend it if you want to educate some internal coaches. It does not replace some more experienced consultants if you are serious about your agile transformation.

The SAFe® agile training is two-days long and starts by exploring the SAFe principles and then handing over to the attendees to discuss how to establish team and technical agility. 

At the end, the attendees of the SAFe® agile training will gain an understanding of Lean Portfolio Management and what ways are needed for them to implement them in their company. 

Furthermore, on the SAFe® agile training you will be provided with a workbook, one year membership to the SAFe community platform and of course, that well deserved certificate. Find out more here.

Gareth Visser recommended the SAFe® agile training saying there was “a surprising amount of content covered in the two days!”.

5. SAFe® agile training by

"Agility in Mind will help you improve your knowledge, debunk the myths and leave the training with the knowledge of what to do next." 

The amount of agile trainings on offer from Agility in Mind is inspiring! 

Their focus ranges from scrum to kanban and scaling agile. With 28 trainings to choose from, each training can go from one day to a few weeks.

Ten out of their 28 trainings are focussed on Scrum training courses where you can learn to lead teams and organisations to improve product deliverability. These agile transformation courses vary from one to two-days. 

Each training is divided into three types 

  • public trainings organised on a regular basis 
  • private trainings led on-site for teams 
  • online agile transformation trainings with a live virtual classroom. 

You can read more in detail about each program, e.g. their SAFe® agile training, via their Website here. 

To find more about this agile transformation training provider, check out this agile coach with a passion about coaching and educating others. His name is Geoff Goddard and he works for Agility in mind. 

Conclusion – SAFe® agile training

The act of transforming an organization's nature is compelling and training is required. We have outlined four popular providers that will aid you on the way in your agile transformation training plan.

By the way, if you want to further develop your team from a psychological viewpoint, check out our free eBook. to do this. We present 12 team workshops that you can integrate into your retrospective, for example. Click here to learn more about various exciting online courses related to agile.

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