Step 1: Prepare retro

Prepare your retro now

With just a few clicks, you can easily prepare your retrospective! You can already prepare whiteboards before the retro, select the right topics from a comprehensive pool, and use surveys to gather feedback from your team in advance.

Create your own whiteboard templates

Echometer allows you to prepare whiteboards before the retro and save them in your templates. You can reuse the templates and add new ones at any time.

Set up the "Team Health-Check" rotation

To define a balanced and varied selection of topics for your team, you can select one of our team templates or manually decide which topics should be asked regularly. The topics will then be on rotation, so you don't have to plan new for every retro!

Get feedback from your team

For good retrospectives it is crucial to actively involve your team. With Echometer, each team member can easily contribute their feedback in advance and it only takes a few minutes. This way, you can draw directly from the full spectrum during the retro.