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Are you looking for a tool for anonymous retrospectives? Then Echometer is the right place for you.

When to use anonymity in retrospectives


Conduct anonymous retrospectives in the free Echometer tool

With Echometer you can enjoy the full functionality even in the free version!

Anonymous retro board

On Echometer's anonymous retro board, all participants can write feedback anonymously and then also vote anonymously on prioritization.

You can even participate as a guest without having to register.

Anonymous surveys

Quantitative anonymous feedback can also be obtained in the retrospective.

💡 Optionally, with Echometer you can even send a survey to all participants in advance of the retrospective.

Measure the success of your retrospectives

At the end of a retrospective in Echometer, the tool asks all participants for their assessment of "How well the time was invested" and determines the ROTI score from this. Anonymously, of course.

All this and much more is included in Echometer's free agile retrospectives software.

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Echometer: The actually free tool for anonymous retrospectives

Also, use Echometer for free indefinitely until you want to use Echometer across more than two teams.



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per team/month per year (or €35 with a monthly term)

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per team/month per year (at least 10 teams)

All in "Team Developer", plus

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