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What is Echometer?

As a young, Münster-based startup and spin-off of the Psychological Department of the University of Münster, we develop a digital coach that supports team development in companies like Miele and Westlotto.

In so-called agile retrospectives – frequent team workshops – our software stimulates self-reflection in the team through targeted feedback and psychological nudges. This enables an agile, continuous improvement process.

What Trello is for Kanban boards, Echometer is for Team Retrospectives 🙂

We are currently a team of 3 Co-Founders, 1 software developer, 2 working students and are from time to time supported by interns.

Our Vision & Values

Bill Gates had the vision „a computer on every desk“. Our vision is „a retrospective in every team“.

We achieve our vision primarily through our values:


Our actions are focused on creating sustainable added value for our customers, society and nature.

Hunger for development

As a team, it is a matter of the heart for us to inspire each other, to learn new things and to continuously develop ourselves. #GrowthMindset

Customer Centricity

We do not only want to satisfy our customers with Echometer. We want to inspire them – so that they tell others about us.

We believe that company values are something you have to discover – you can not make them up. In this sense, we are still discovering what makes our intrinsic values as a team 🙂

What we are looking for


We need people that feel the urge to proactively shape the future. What side-project or initiatives have you already started in the past that underline your self-drivenness?


We believe that people can only learn and improve when they allow a critical reflection. Where have you shown that you can initiate a feedback- and learning-loop that brought you or your team further?

Giver qualities

Great team members have each other’s backs. When did you show that you are highly motivated to support your team members to achieve the best possible outcome and become the best version of themselves?

Startup mindset

Combining big vision with short-term goal setting, moving in fast iterations with customer learning loops – that is what makes startups agile. Always being willing to question everything and start over again. Jeff Bezos calls this a “Day One”-mentality. Why do you think such an environment matches your ways of working?

Got questions?

If you have any questions about open positions, the application process or unsolicited applications, you can always contact Christian via ch(at) ! 

We are glad to answer your questions.

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Christian Heidemeyer
Co-Founder @ Echometer