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When did you start working on Echometer?

Christian: Puh… I joined when it was just a small project in 2017. And when we started full time at the beginning of 2019, I went all in.

What is your previous work experience?

Christian: I studied psychology in Münster and Madrid and worked in the consulting space, in a multinational company and in data science before I joined Echometer full time 🙂

At Echometer

What do you like/love about working at Echometer?

Christian: Uiui, there are many things I love about working at Echometer. The one thing I love most is that our tool – if used properly – actually changes team behavior in a positive way. Maybe, hopefully, there are some people a little more satisfied with their work experience when using Echometer. I love that thought (and I am still working on making it real).

What is your favorite part in retrospectives?

Christian: My favorite part is towards the end of a retrospective, when you realize: Oh my gosh, that is a brillant and totally necessary action item. We probably never would have done it without the retrospective.

What is your personal highlight that you achieved or experienced while working at Echometer?

Christian: I am pretty proud that we were named second fastest growing company in Germany by Glassdollar. Also I am proud on the investment round we will close in January 2021, looking forward and excited to the next year!

What was your first week at Echometer like?

Christian: My first week of Echometer was the first week of Echometer. It was brutal chaos 😉 And fun.

Picture of Echometer Team

What was your first „success“ when starting at Echometer?

Christian: Closing our first pilot customers and discovering the amazing agile community.

What is an interesting thing you learned at Echometer?

Christian: I learned one simple truth: The sooner you start living your dream, the earlier you will live your dream. I can recommend that 😉


How would your friends describe you in 3 words?

Christian: Optimistic, (sometimes) weird, driven

What is your Archetype?

Christian: Although it is a funny question, as psychologist I guess I will have to skip it 😅 I believe in valid psychological instruments 🙂

What are the values that drive you?

Christian: Never stop learning! Act sustainably!

What are your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books?

Christian: Thats a hard question! Books: The Little Prince, The Alchemist; Podcast: The Tim Ferris Show

A picture of you as a kid?

Christian: Yes, I was a happy child! (Sometimes looking like an action hero.)

Christian as a Kid

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