Would you like to set up Echometers as efficiently as possible? Then we recommend that you follow our three video tutorials.

Step 1: Create a team

In the first step, give your team a team name. Next, add the email addresses of your team members. With this, you can then choose a team template. The team templates are based on the maturity level or goals of the team. This selection determines what pre-selected questions fit your chosen topic, and will be saved in the item pool, helping your teams reflect on behaviors in a targeted manner and to make calls for action clearer.

You can find all information about the team and content in the item pool customized according to your ideas.

Our recommendation: familiarize yourself with the functions, and start with a demo team first. You can archive the demo team later in the team settings.

This video summarizes the main steps in 3 minutes!

Step 2: Start retro

Echometer sends a little survey to the team before the retro. This way, each team member has the opportunity to think in advance about the topics that they would like on the agenda.

Your team members will receive the survey via email. On the team page, you can see how much feedback you have already received, at any time.

Join the Retro Online

Once you have received feedback from everyone, you can start the retro. In this step as well, all team members will automatically receive an email with a link to join the Retro. Team members do not have to register to join, however, you can set a password after the retro to access the team page.

When everyone is present, feedback from the survey can be discussed, and new plans for improvement can be made.

Subsequently, you get an overview of the results of your retrospectives, alongside former ones.

This video summarizes the main steps in 4 minutes!

Step 3: Set up the Culture Barometer

On the dashboard you can see the results of the "Echo Items" (formerly "Orga Items") of all teams within your workspace.

To fill the dashboard, you have to define your Echo Items in the first step. To do this, navigate to the "Echo-Itempool" under "Workplace Administration.

With the check box, you can select the Echo Items that best match the objectives in your organization. The rest is done by Echometer: in all team surveys, up to 2 of the Echo Items are now recorded continuously, and will automatically appear on the dashboard.

This video summarizes the main steps in 2 minutes!

Any further questions?

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