Measurably better retros

Echometer: The retro tool

Create a measurable continuous improvement process in agile teams - focusing on the mindset of your team members. 

Understand behavioral patterns

Use Echometer's psychological survey with carefully curated questions to prompt self-reflection within your team - and measure that progress.

Focus on agile values

Use our extensive (100+) item catalog to reflect, for example, the agile values in your team.

Productive, fun and engaging retros

Enjoy interactive, diverse and consistently updated retro ideas - without hours of preparation.

Engage with every team member

Whether remotely or on-site: Echometer is designed to involve and engage with all team members!

  • Team workshops
  • Cultural health check

See continuous improvements from within your team

Many types of team workshops

Corporate culture made measurable

View developments with transparency

Do you want to track your action items? Or amaze with creative check-ins?

Backing you up in every step of the retro

Whether beginner or professional: Echometer means data-driven team development and deriving the right kind of action items.

Obtain feedback in advance

Through targeted questions asked beforehand, Echometer brings more psychological know-how to your retro, by directly assessing the mindset of your team members.

Team self-reflection

Within the retro, Echometer guides you (even remotely) through the collected feedback and helps you to derive - and track - the right kind of action items.

Team and organizational health check

Finally, you can sense impediments early on, by looking at the maturity level and health of your teams.

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