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With Echometer you measure the things that are important – and ensure a smooth follow-up process through retrospectives.

Why Echometer?

Strengthen teams in their self organization - while maintaining an overview of what is going on

Continuously measure

Measure agile maturity continuously & science based your organization

Teams in the driver's seat

Integrate the results of the agile health checks into agile retrospectives - for a continuous bottom-up improvement process

Develop all stakeholders

Address metrics & feedback the right way in teams, release trains or large groups - and leadership teams.

More than 2,000 agilists rely on Echometer

"Using Echometer, both team-internal and cross-team developments are clearly visible - and our development is trackable over a longer period of time."
Sabine Klein
Release Train Engineer @ Diamant Software
“A brilliant tool! An absolute quantum leap in our agile way of working. "
Stefanie Meindl
Team Lead @ Unity AG

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Scaling agile, the right way

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