For agile beginners

Develop an agile mindset as a team and anchor the agile values in practice. Retrospectives with Echometer help you do just that.

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When it comes to getting started with agile work:Β #MindsetFirst

As a spin-off of the psychological faculty of the University of MΓΌnster, Echometer helps to anchor the agile values in practice.

"If you adopt only one agile practice, let it be retrospectives. Everything else will follow"
Woody Zuill
Agile Pioneer & Evangelist

You can - but don't have to start directly with Scrum. With Echometer you can reflect the agile values with your team and design agile work yourself step by step.

Feedback as a basis
Echometer offers your team the opportunity to regularly reflect on concrete behavioral anchors behind the agile values as food for thought.
Team self-reflection
You will discuss the results of the feedback together in your team retrospectives. The retro-moderation is supported by our tool to enable an easy introduction to the agile methodology.
Team and organizational health check
The results are presented across the team in clear heat maps. So you always have an intuitive overview in our culture barometer, where the teams are in terms of agile maturity.

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"An ingenious tool! We finally have time to focus on the essentials and talk about the right things. For our team, it was a quantum leap in our agile way of working."
Stefanie Meindl
Team Lead @ Unity AG