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Echometer makes it possible to be constantly on the pulse of teams and employees & to derive a bottom-up improvement process from it.

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Echometer combines pulse surveys with agile methods. This creates a continuous improvement process in teams that can be measured in the culture barometer.

Ask the right questions
Instead of simply asking all questions from the scientific catalog, Echometer specifically addresses the individual needs of the teams and poses precisely the questions that are relevant to them.
Team self-reflection
Studies underline the importance of employee involvement. That is why teams also get an overview of their results and discuss them in team retrospectives. The measures adopted are recorded directly in the echometer.
Team and organizational health check
The results are then displayed in clear heat maps that can be displayed by department or location. This also gives the managing directors a time-saving and intuitive overview.
"With Echometer we can use the numerous ideas of our employees for the further development of the company. At the same time, we as managers have the opportunity to be very close to the pulse of our teams. So far we are very satisfied and we find that the concept also from the Employees has been received very positively. "
Inga Hagemann
Commercial Manager, TKRZ Stadtwerke GmbH

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Agile work - also a pioneer in HR

Unleash the potential of the teams and actively contribute to the self-organization of the teams with Echometer.

"The topic of team development is an area for which there is currently no suitable SaaS solution. Our agile teams in particular will celebrate us introducing a tool like Echometer."
Ralf Marpert
Director Finance & Human Resources @ Shopware AG