Echometer compared to other tools

Echometer gives you everything you need to successfully develop your teams.

Echometer offers you a flexible kit for your team retrospectives, doing the preparation, execution and wrap-up, making these processes as simple as possiblefor you. All results are tracked and documented in order to make team development measurable - for both internal and external uses.

Evaluation criteriaEchometerRetriumTeam retroFun retroParabol
Interactive retrospectives✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Automatically generated retro summaries✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Support of facilitator (e.g. automated check-ins)✅ Yes✅ Yes⚠️ Partially❌ No⚠️ Partially
Templates for every level of team maturity✅ Yes⚠️ Partially⚠️ Partially❌ No❌ No
Continuous tracking of action items (from retro to retro)✅ Yes⚠️ Partially⚠️ Partially❌ No✅ Yes
Team development measured over time✅ Yes⚠️ Partially✅ Yes❌ No❌ No
Feedback collected in advance (before retro)✅ Yes❌ No❌ No❌ No✅ Yes
Organizational Health Check✅ Yes❌ No❌ No❌ No❌ No
Psychologically-based item pool to encourage focused development✅ Yes❌ No❌ No❌ No❌ No
Privacy protection (developed and hosted in Germany)✅ Yes❌ No❌ No❌ No❌ No
Support for mobile devices (for on-site or hybrid retros)✅ Yes❌ No❌ No❌ No❌ No
Integrated Online-Whiteboard✅ Yes❌ No❌ No❌ No❌ No


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