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Team Development, made easy scalable simple sustainable

Most Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters run in circles fixing superficial symptoms. Time to use psychology to sustainably foster mindset change.

Develop teams and organizations measurably

What you will love about Echometer

Stimulate lasting change by activating your team’s self-reflection

Enjoy watching your team solve their problems independently

Delight your boss with clear success-metrics for your coaching impact

Everything links together: Feedback, health checks, team-retros & whiteboards

Discover Echometer

Enjoy watching your team solve their problems independently

Stimulate your team’s self reflection through our psychology-based retrospective and team health check templates.

Easy & goal-oriented retro preparation

Get automated retro format & team health recommendations according to your specific team goal and maturity level.

Delight your boss with success metrics for your coaching impact

Use our science-based team health library to choose how you want to measure your team development and Scrum Master performance and receive lucid KPIs.

Health check radar in Echometer

Stop “copy & paste” and content switches

Save time and focus your team leaving "context switching" behind by having all of your coaching tools connected in one place.

Enrich your Scrum of Scrums ceremony with data-driven decisions

Set up your individual health check across teams or tribes and visualize how the teams’ agile maturity develops over time.

Case studies & interviews

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Psychology and agile methods combined

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Echometer provides everything you need to develop your teams successfully.

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