eBook preview for 12 psychology based Mindset and Team flow workshops

Entwickle dein Team mit psychologischem Know-how!

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"I really like the fact that the eBook uses scientific research to back its hypothesis. And then it follows up with practical workshops that are easy to implement. Some of these I did myself already - worked very well!"
Valentina Hinteregger
Team Lead Organizational Development & Change at Doka

Overview of the 12 science based workshops

WorkshopDuration in minutes (7 persons)Min. & max. number of personsTeam phase (Tuckman, 1965)Goals
"Flow" on team levelUnderstanding the basic model of flow
1: 200% better performance903 - 15Storming to PerformingIncrease effective communication, engagement
2: Unconscious potentials903 - 15AllIncrease engagement & satisfaction, decrease number of conflicts & stress level
3: So important and so obvious903 - 20Forming to PerformingIncrease effective communication & satisfaction, decrease stress level
4: The Johari window30 - 2103 - 10Norming to PerformingIncrease trust & satisfaction, decrease number of conflicts
5: Conflict competence1506 - 100AllIncrease trust, decrease number of conflicts
6: Happiness103 - 100AllIncrease happiness & trust
7: Mindset is overrated (part 1)503 - 100All Increase empathy, decrease number of conflicts
8: Mindset is overrated (part 2)1003 - 15AllIncrease engagement, decrease stress level
9: The model for Personality1503 - 10Storming to PerformingIncrease engagement & trust
10: Working on Mindset itself903 - 100AllIncrease learning, culture of failure, performance
11: Intrinsic motivation604 - 20Storming to PerformingIncrease engagement & trust
12: Sustainable team development603 - 20AllSustainably increase engagement, innovation & loyalty

"Be careful. These 12 team workshops might have a great impact on your (working) life."
Christian Heidemeyer
Psychologist & Scrum Master